That moment when He claims you … ❤

Why is it that to be a good friend you listen attentively, speak respectfully and go out of your way to be generous and patient. Everyone thinks it makes you a good friend and the actions and ideas are coveted. You put effort and time into your friendship and you might even go out of your way to please them, that makes you awesome!

Change out the word friend for spouse and all of a sudden ‘you are foolish? You are trying too hard and they should be able to fend for themselves … you are better then that and why do you let yourself get taken advantage of so? You don’t have to listen to them …. why do you bother?’

The entire idea sounds ridiculous to me. If I put that much time and effort into someone I am friends with and sometimes just acquaintances why wouldn’t I put at least that much time into someone I have chosen to share my life with? If people I barely know are worth being on my best behaviour for, wouldn’t you be worth more?

I’m not doing too much for my husband, you’re not doing enough for yours! 😛

Love You Always Sir ❤

(I don’t actually have anyone in my life that would think that, everyone knows Sir and I have a very happy marriage and we work well together. This has been a topic I have seen or heard of from time to time and felt I needed to add my two cents in order to get it out of my head!) 

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