Submissive AND Independent

To me a very large part of my personality is my independence and I have no want to change that aspect of myself! Neither does my Sir … it’s one of the things he finds extremely attractive as a matter of fact. I think it’s also one thing that makes my submission to Him much more humbling but at the same time empowering and confidence building for Him.

He knows I am very capable of taking care of not only myself but everyone else as well. I don’t get frustrated or overwhelmed by stressful situations I actually excel in that atmosphere. I am not needy or helpless and the truth is I am the person that most run to in times of crises. The domination of nijntje is a ‘ONE OF’ I can assure you.

Sir has earned my trust and my respect and shown me that I can come to Him and trust Him with my inner most demons. As I have said before, being submissive means that I am not alone. I can come to Him and expect to be cared for and guided in anything I might choose to bring Him.

I am not submissive to Him because I think I can’t manage without Him, I don’t call Him Sir because he said so and I don’t kneel for him because he insisted. Quite the contrary, I give myself freely to Him because he has helped me to realize just how strong and powerful I really am. He has made me see things in myself and give myself credit for just how good I really am. He has built me to such a level that I know I can take on the world if I need to.

I submit to Him because he has made me strong enough to ….

Love You Always Sir ❤


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