My D/s and not FSOG

I know this might not be a very popular view point but NO I did not choose a D/s lifestyle because of reading the trilogy of Mr. Grey. Frankly reading the books almost made me turn completely against the idea …..

I’m not saying that the writer didn’t do a great job telling the story, quite the contrary. I found the lead characters very engaging. The dominant was immature and domineering and the submissive flighty and childish. Neither character was very strong emotionally and they helped each other to branch out and grow, together. Interesting story for sure but certainly nothing I want to emulate! That is exactly what I want to avoid …

The books (which were suggested to me by a friend) did pique my interest in BDSM play and that did lead me to accidentally find a very informative blog site. That site opened my eyes to the much more meaningful D/s and the lifestyle that can be achieved there in. I went looking for play ideas and I found so much more, some of which I didn’t understand fully at the time but I now find myself writing in a very similar tone. The site which was from the dominant point of view is no longer available unfortunately but it did make me realize that the thing I was looking for was this thing called D/s and very little of it was actually about sex. Sex is an important component of a mature, committed relationship and I’m not saying that it isn’t. What I’m saying is that it comes in much lower on the priority list then some FSOG lifestyle advocates would lead you to believe. But then FSOG is a work of fiction …. and should be kept as such in my opinion.

I wanted to embark on this journey to show Sir my love and admiration for all He has done for us. I wanted to show Him what I saw in Him and how much I believed in Him and in all the strength and courage He has shown over the years. I can handle a lot in my own way but when I faltered He was the one I went to for support and the one I counted on when I just couldn’t go on by myself. He has never let me down and I guess this was my way of trying to say thank you Sir!

To me the real D/s is a relationship where the partners build each other up, where they work together each in their own way to make a stronger and more complete relationship. The dominant has a set of strengths and skills that he/she brings to the relationship but also respects and utilizes the strengths and skills of the submissive. It is team work, each working for the other and together moving in harmony. There is a consensual power exchange but the relationship is symbiotic, just as it should be.

This is my D/s, my relationship, my reason for choosing …..

Love You Always Sir ❤



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