Bliss, even on a Monday!

Coming off another wonderful weekend with my Sir! I can’t say that I could be happier, and even a tired Monday morning is finding me in a great mood.

I’m not worrying about what others are doing and not worrying about whether I should or should not talk at this time and just going with what works for us, for You! 😀

This for me is more about being a good person and having good manners then it is anything else. Being respectful, not interrupting, paying attention and saying things nicely.  Couple that with real trust and good communication and there is nothing two loving people can’t achieve!

Thank you so much for accepting this responsibility Sir, for making it your own and for trusting in me, and in yourself!

Love You Always ❤

~~ For anyone else reading this, giving over responsibility doesn’t mean you no longer have any for yourself. You are a mature responsible adult after all. If not, perhaps you should not be doing this! ~~ Re: Remembering my place in this relationship … 


Comments welcome! :D

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