Alpha Submissive -Physical Actions to promote their Dominance

When I was first starting out it was difficult for Sir to ask me for things and I think he really had no idea what type of things were available to him in the first place. Sexual play is the most obvious but the feeling of being in control the rest of the day needs more then just a turn in the bedroom in order to be maintained. Especially if you have always been in charge around the house, work etc.

I think one of the first actions I put into place was simply asking Him what he would like me to do now, or next. I didn’t wait around for him to tell me he wanted me to stay by His side, I asked. Something as simple as saying would it please you if I sat at your feet while we watched TV?  Sometimes He said yes and sometimes he wanted me on the couch next to him, but He picked.

I started asking Him things like may I make your breakfast Sir or would you like me to wait for your instructions? Would it please you if I wore a dress today? Would you like a drink Sir? … Sometimes He just wanted time alone to work on a project, that seemed to be the hardest for Him to request. I think the first time I asked if He would just like me to find something to keep busy for a little while so He could work was one of the biggest gifts I could have given at the time! 😀 I could almost see the weight of guilt from having to be elsewhere and not attending to me lift from His shoulders.

The point is I didn’t wait to be told I just asked instead. Sooner or later it will become more natural for the dominant to start to ‘expect and demand’ things of you, but at first you are going to have to give ideas and basically permission. They are not used to making demands of you, they never have before and old habits are hard to break.

Mind you there is a big difference between dominant and domineering. Some new dominants are going to have a difficult time trying to get that thought out of their heads especially if they are ‘one of the good guys’ which I’m assuming is why you decided to choose this lifestyle in the first place!  This is where time, encouragement and patience comes in to play.

~ Anything for you Sir, Love Always ❤ ~ 

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