Remembering my place in this partnership.

Today I start again.

I’ve been spending a lot of time over the past year trying to encourage your dominance and allowing you to lead. I’ve been trying not to take over or influence your decisions but instead trying to build you up and hopefully grow your confidence. Eventually I started doing this by holding back my thoughts and waiting for you to do it yourself, without my help. But it’s impossible isn’t it?

I can’t encourage your dominance over me if I don’t speak up for what I desire. I need to be strong and relay to you what I need in order for you to be sure enough in your understanding of me to feel you can take on the responsibility and lead.

We are bound together you and I. The balance of the dynamic depends on the power from both sides being equal although different. In order for you to be sure in your dominance I need to be strong in my submission. Not by being quiet and blending but by growing bigger and blossoming!

Of course I’m going to have influence over you if your objective is to take care of me …. for if not for me, then for whom are you ultimately taking on this responsibility? I need to be strong, I need to speak up, tell you what I want and need all before you can even start to lead. Only then can I wait respectfully for your guidance and leadership.

I am fed by your strength  …… and you are fed by mine.

Love You Always Sir!   ❤




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