The Fairy Tale strikes again!

The fairy tale story in your mind can be hard to escape I guess. Even with all the tools and information it is easy to slip back to the vanilla way of thinking/expecting that it will all work out. Perhaps the better things get and the more smoothly things run the more we start to rely on the story in our mind to come to fruition, on it’s own.

I’ve done a lot of blogging in the last couple weeks letting you know what I needed and why and how but I don’t believe I actually said “I mean I am in need now Sir“. Guess I was thinking that writing it down and letting you know that it was on my mind would lead you to wonder or ask why it was on my mind. Or better yet, you would be the dominant in the book that knows exactly what his submissive is thinking with all the little subtleties and provides exactly what the submissive needs without any further developments ….

Well it doesn’t work that way, as we know but we seemed to go down that road anyway didn’t we? So deep breath, fresh start and back at it …. I will try to remember when I am feeling needy of something to spell it out to you point blank. I might not know exactly when I start to need it but if I find myself dwelling on these subjects I will try to notice sooner and let you know sooner. Likewise Sir I feel it would be helpful if you started to communicate more about what you have read and perhaps ask the questions yourself as to why I felt like writing about it at this time.

I also need to remember that asking you is not leading or putting you out. It is only giving you all the information you need and have asked for in order to better lead me. I need to trust that you meant what you said about wanting this dynamic and all the things we have decided that work for us. I will trust that if you have changed your mind you will be sure to inform me of your decision. Until then I will continue to give you the information when I am needing something that we have agreed to and rely on you to provide if and when you see fit. I will tell you what you need to know without worry or embarrassment and you will listen and lead.


~When you take me I am home~

~When you question yourself I am lost~

~Please keep taking what is already yours Sir~


Comments welcome! :D

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