Secrets Revealed

I think the secret to a happy life is honest communication and trust. I’m sure most people would agree that these are two very important aspects and most people would also argue that they are in fact practicing that style of living. I have however noticed that when faced with basic question about why they are unhappy most end up relaying some sort of issue that either has not been discussed or they don’t trust will really be taken care of properly if they do talk about it.

Assuming of course that the party in question is worthy of your time and attention then I would also assume that they would not willingly want to hurt or upset you. Not telling them what you really think is not saving anyone’s feelings if in the end you are going to be upset or unhappy about it. It only serves to aggravate the issue in my experience. You need to be honest about your wants and needs if you want any chance of the other person meeting those for you. They can not read your mind and having that expectation is unfair. (I know you’re going to say you don’t but if you are not honestly communicating but some how expect that it will get fixed then you really do.)

Trusting that they do in fact want what’s best for you, both of you, is the next big obstacle. You need to put thoughts that they are too busy or too tired out of your mind and trust them to take the information in stride. Trust them to communicate back to you if they need some time, or just some rest before tackling whatever issue it is that requires their attention. If you are making those decisions for them then you are not truly trusting them to do it themselves.

What if they get upset, or what if you’re the one who is upset and you don’t want to rock the boat? Well would you rather deal with the issue and get over it or would you rather ignore it, become resentful and drift apart? If you can’t truly forget about it then I would suggest talking about it before it gets any bigger.

This isn’t just for a submissive, it’s for a dominant or for vanilla … It’s the secret for every relationship. Be sure to communicate respectfully and you will be well on your way.

Love You Sir ❤



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