Change of Plans

You know it’s funny I swear that for a while now every time we go to do something BDSM or D/s ritual related lately something happens or someone shows up that changes the plan. Essentially it makes what would have been a really fantastic time go by the way side… Why is it then that I am not at all upset or emotionally charged? (Unless you count horny for you! lol)

I guess it’s because of the fact that we do communicate so well and because you do show me how you are feeling. The fact that you are just as disappointed as I am seems to make it okay. I would still rather have played, don’t get me wrong, and I am definitely eagerly awaiting such a time that we can play again without interruption or being cut short! It just feels like we have  a secret that no one else knows about and we have a secret rendezvous to look forward to and although it can still be frustrating it is a shared frustration ….

Are They Gone Yet Sir? 

Playing and being yours is certainly a pleasure but I guess that there is certainly something to be said for the anticipation also. Especially when it is shared anticipation in our secret club house of frustrated quick dressing and shared looks of dismay!  lol  🙂

I Love YOU Sir! ❤


Comments welcome! :D

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