So this might not be too high on the D/s scale for most people, probably not so for me either but …. here I sit in front of a table full of makeup that I frankly don’t really know how to use!  😛

I’ve never been one for wearing makeup. Once in a while when I was younger I might decide to put some on to go out or even on the weekend to try and dress up some I suppose. I’m not very comfortable in it and I have never really put it on so strong that most would even notice I was wearing any so I guess it wasn’t worth the effort.

A few years ago when I had decided to try and get your attention again I started wearing it more often, and a bit stronger when we went out for sure. You always said I looked nice but if I asked you what you preferred you defaulted to no makeup or just a very light showing, a natural look. I have no issue with this, I prefer it very natural looking myself. Like I said earlier, most people wouldn’t even know I was wearing any more often then not (and I don’t generally wear any through the week). So why do I have all this makeup in front of me, and why do I feel the need to tell you about it?

Well last night when we went out I had put some on and you were very quick to comment on my ‘night eyes’. I also noticed that you couldn’t get that smirk off your face and dangerous look out of your eyes!   😉

So what I’m thinking is that perhaps you would like to play a little bit of dress up when you are getting ready to play …. Maybe you could add that to some of our play sessions? I think it would be exciting to be showering and prepping and dressing to please you. Putting on some smoky night eyes with the thigh highs and heels for your pleasure! I’m guessing it will further enhance my excitement and anticipation …. what about yours Sir?

Love You Always ❤




Comments welcome! :D

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