Wonder and Gratitude

What a wonderful year we have shared. I can’t say that we have ever been closer or happier then we are right now, and that says a lot because we had always had the relationship everyone else wanted. We’ve always cared for each other but the depth of understanding and acceptance has been so much enhanced with all the honesty and communication needed to carry on this way.

For me the biggest changes have been opening up to you without fear of burdening you or overwhelming you with the depth of my thoughts and feelings. I’ve always seen things just a bit differently then most and now I can completely explain to you how I think, and you truly want to listen and understand. I finally belong somewhere, I belong to you.

My steps are lighter now because I have you to help carry the weight of responsibilities. The biggest fundamental change is that I feel no guilt in laying it all down at your feet when it becomes too much. The idea that you want this responsibility still finds me in awe of your strength and compassion.

Now and Forever Yours with Love and Gratitude ….   ❤

Comments welcome! :D

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