Role Playing – why I don’t

One thing I’ve never been able to get into is role playing in the bedroom, or anywhere for that matter. I’ve tried a couple times, nothing too outrages but still found no enjoyment in it what so ever. Quite the contrary, trying to be someone I’m not was just awkward and anything said in the moment was kept in my mind for ages it seemed. Playing at being in trouble of some sort lead to you saying things that would apply in that type of situation and then me not being able to let them go from my thoughts for quite some time after. I knew it was in play and it really hadn’t happened and you really hadn’t felt that way but I still couldn’t escape it …

Maybe it’s because I’ve always believed in say what you mean and mean what you say or maybe it’s because my mind likes to travel at 100 miles a minute but either way role playing just doesn’t work for me.

Nothing about our relationship feels like a game to me, nothing about it feels like a role to me and trying to add that into our dynamic just does not work to our benefit. Whatever you want to try, whatever you want to do and how ever you want to go about it is your right, I’ve already given that over. No need now to pretend it wasn’t agreed upon or that I’m not a willing participant in whatever it is you have chosen to do.

I guess I believe that if I/We wouldn’t do it as ourselves then we probably shouldn’t be doing it as someone else. D/s or BDSM shouldn’t give you permission to do things you would otherwise take issue with, the repercussions could be bigger then one would think.



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