Holiday Family & Friends (and some D/s)

I’m pretty lucky in my life, most of the time I do not have much drama to deal with, even during the holidays. Not that people don’t do things in my family like everyone else’s, and things don’t happen in my family like everyone else’s, I have just decided long ago that there were two paths I could take….

One would be where I allowed their issues and ideas to become my problem, then comes stress or a fight and unhappiness; and the other is where I make a decision about what is necessary and what I need to do and stick to it, be happy with it regardless and move on regardless of what happens next!

Now I’m not saying I don’t try to be hospitable and make all my guests comfortable to the best of my ability, but what I am saying is that I am not going to let someone else’s ideals or insecurities/hangups about whatever situation ruin my holiday, or Sir’s. There is no reason why you can’t try to accommodate someone within reason. I try not to take it personally (even if they may be trying to get my goat) and simply be a good host. However, I also will not take on their issues and allow myself to get worked up or upset because of it. Some people in my life revel in the stressful and crazy, not me! I will do what I can within reason and then I will move on and get past it, hopefully they can too.

Remember the post on limits for all relationships? Here we go again, it’s true. D/s might just be the best way one can run their life, in all aspects. Is there anything wrong with dealing with everyone in a truthful, honest, kind and respectful manner? Hold up your end of the relationship and do your best, if something happens you don’t like call ‘yellow’ figuratively and work it out, if it has gone too far call ‘red’ figuratively and stop all further play…

Okay so part two…..

In all of the above it is also necessary for me to not dwell on the past. Whatever someone may have said or done in the past has to be forgiven, or moved past. If it is not it will undoubtedly cause an issue somewhere throughout the evening. I need to be honest enough to take that into account and to plan ahead for the inevitable. It is not them I can control it is me, it is not them I can count on, it is me and it is not them that make me upset, it is me….


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