Things I want – your dominance pt.2

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I want you to tell me ‘no’ when you know it’s the right thing to do. Don’t second guess yourself or worry about me getting upset, just do it. I have already trusted you to know the answer, don’t let my cute little bunny nose wiggle my way out of it…

I want you to keep using me for your pleasure; there is something hugely satisfying about knowing it’s me, my body that is creating that ecstasy for you. I want to feel like without me a huge part of your enjoyment would not be happening.

Image result for dominant saying safe words

I want you to take a good hard look at what you really do want. Are you getting it all, do you want more? I want to give that to you whatever it is. I want you to really think about it and come up with some ideas to try.  Turn me into your ultimate fantasy, please!

I want you to create a scene and push my limits. I feel like I’m ready for you to take me there, where ever there is. I want you to go as far as you like, as far as you want to try. I know me safe words, don’t be shy … I want to try for you.

And I miss my leash Sir!   ❤


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