Things I want ….your dominance pt.1

I want to be dominated by you in all sorts of ways, some subtle some not. Some sexual and some just because I feel that way about it, silly maybe even but mine.

I want your hands on me every chance you get, letting me know that I belong to you and most importantly that you want me. Touching me whenever you feel like let’s you know I belong to you, you have power over me. It lets me know that you want me, find me irresistible, can’t get enough of me.

I want you to take over some tasks without asking. You know what needs to be done, you don’t need my permission so please just do them. It shows me you’re paying attention to my life, you know how I need it organized and you have decided to go ahead and take that responsibility on for me. Very hot and sexy to me to know that you are in control.

I want you to take me, tell me what you want and just do it. Be a little selfish once in a while, it’s hot! It gives me that ‘holy cow’ feeling of who is this beast that is having his way with me? I’m so helpless and girlie! I hope he is a gentleman underneath or I might be in trouble …. 😉

I want you to keep telling me how much you like me and how I’m pleasing you. I need to hear that ‘good girl’ in your voice and in your words. I want you to know it makes me happy to please you and when you show me or tell me I don’t need to second guess myself. I want to know what your wishes are so that I can do things for you regardless of how silly or twisted! 🙂 You have enough faith and trust in me to open up and get what you want from me…. If it makes you happy, I want to know.

I want to see you taking care of yourself and speaking up for yourself when the occasion arises. You’ve never been rude and you’ve never been domineering so go ahead! Have your say and get what’s rightly yours. You deserve to have things the way you want and and no one is going to argue other wise. Strut a little, it looks good on you!

I want you to think ahead and plan ahead – I have given that over to you …. I’m not saying I want you to do everything, that would be unfair. I want you to tell me which things you want me to do for you. You decide, you’re in control, if you want me to handle it then I will and you can sign off. No one said you can’t delegate when you are the Boss.

And right now I want mostly this:


Love You Sir!   ❤


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