How can you stay connected when there are so many things to do?

As much as I’m sure you would love to roll around in bed all day or hang out on the couch with me at your feet, there are many responsibilities that just need to be met. So when life starts to take over and the alone time is just not coming how do you keep that close connection that we all want so badly?

Well part of being a submissive to me is being at your service, and not just sexually. When things need to be done I try my best to stay close to you any way I can. If you’re working in the yard or on a project in the house I will try to bring you a cup of tea or some water at different times throughout the task. I’ll sit in the room with you for a while and ask about what you are doing or how it is going. I might ask if I can help if it is something I might be useful in. If you’ve been working at it a while I can bring you some lunch, or just a quick snack to keep you going…. or I might just walk up and give you a kiss on the cheek to let you know I’m with you.

If your task is away from the house I can try to come with you to help out. Most times there is no reason why I can’t and I imagine you appreciate the offer as well. If for whatever reason I can’t come along I can always stop by with coffee or lunch etc. or just send you a text letting you know that I’m thinking about you. If I’m home while you’re out I can focus on getting things done so that when you do arrive we can both take some time to reconnect.

Any of these things can be done if we’re alone or around family and friends. They all keep a connection between us that we both want so badly and they allow me to please you and feel like I’m still yours. Instead of focusing on what I’m not getting I try to focus on what I can do! Maybe I can even plan a small surprise for when you get home and greet you at the door with a smile.

If the small things make the biggest differences for us, I’m sure they do for you too!

Thank you for going around the block instead of straight home when one of my favourite songs came on the radio! You turned it up and kept driving just so I could enjoy it even though you had to listen to my horrible singing! 😀

You’ve always been the best thing in my life and I love you with all my heart and soul Sir! ❤

Comments welcome! :D

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