He Knows ….

He knows I respect him so I’m allowed to take liberties…..

I come and go as I please, I make friends with whomever I chose. I blog about whatever is on my mind. I wear my hair the way I choose and I dress in a fashion that I have picked.

I make my own work hours, make plans with friends when I like.

I wrinkle my nose up when something doesn’t please me and I stick my tongue out when I’m being cheeky! Sometimes I say naughty things to him to put thoughts in his head!

I live my life my way and I speak my mind ….

So how exactly am I submissive and how is he my Dominant?

Because regardless of what I’m doing or who I’m with, how far I have wandered or close we are, my first thought is always to please HIM!

He doesn’t give me rules to follow or chores to accomplish. He’s not always telling me how to act and what to do and he always wants to please me. So how does he lead?

It is his strength and his character that I follow not a bunch of words in a contract. He doesn’t have to say a word …. I will follow him always.

He knows I respect him so I’m allowed to take liberties ….. and each and every one is in the hopes of PLEASING HIM.   🙂


May I play? Please Sir?

“I need to shower this afternoon Sir, may I play please?”   😀

“It would be my honour to allow you to play.” you say

I say thank you, you say you’re welcome. That reminds me so I say:

“That means I can finish also, right Sir?” I was almost secretly hoping you would have said no, and now I’m hoping maybe you’ll play with my mind a bit and say – ‘play i agreed to, nothing more’. But then …

“Multiple times please!” comes the order ….

“Oh my!” I squeak back, how am I going to get that done in time, AND still function the rest of my afternoon?

“You asked…I answered.” you say …. I can almost see the smirk on your face!

You might not be doing the mind play the way I thought out but the ball is definitely in your court! Be careful what you start I guess!

Love You! naughty Sir   😉

Manipulating your Sir? That is submission?

Okay so we went from Honesty, Communication, Trust and Respect to:

1 – manipulation

2 – bribery with sex

3 – smug high and mighty attitude

4 – self-serving views … right?

Calling our DOMINANTS simple and easy to fool. Taking about how you can easily manipulate them to your wishes with a simple BJ. This is considered true D/s-m apparently?

Why would anyone want to follow this person? Count me out, that’s all I can say!

D/s – what is it?

Domination and submission, everyone knows that right, but is it really all about kinky sex play?

Well actually it is NOT! D/s in and of itself is not sex related at all. It is a power exchange dynamic where one party takes the lead role and the other party follows. These dynamics happen in all walks of life and really have no link to sex what so ever. Sure in a committed intimate relationship there is likely to be sexual activity but it is not the basis of the dynamic.

The Dominant is responsible for leading the way, taking control of situations and making sure the needs of the submissive are met in all areas not just sex. Many D/s relationships exist without any sort of kink or BDSM play. Depending on the nature of the relationship there may not even be a sexual aspect. This does not make it less D/s. D/s is the way in which we relate to each other, it is the honesty, respect and guidance that makes the dynamic. In my opinion anyone telling you that you need kinky sex play in order to be D/s is just wrong!

BDSM doesn’t even need to include sex. Not all who partake actually have sexual relations and not all who partake in BDSM have a D/s dynamic either.

  • D/s is the dynamic the dictates the way we act and react to each other
  • BDSM is a fun way of playing with each other that may or may not include sex
  • sex I think is self-explanatory! 😉 and may or may not be part of any of the above relationships

Any of these things can exist alone or in any combination. It doesn’t make your relationship better or worse, it doesn’t mean you are lacking or excelling – it simply makes it yours!

My rant for the day!

Can’t wait til you’re home Sir!

I kneel at the foot of the bed, waiting as usual for you to be ready and present me with my night collar. I’m tired, your tired, we both need a good night’s sleep. I don’t know about you but that’s not all I need!

You do your normal preparations and come around behind me. I wait, expectantly. I love the feel of you breath on my neck, your closeness.  You fingertips touch my skin and I’m already lost. The heavy, cold leather of my night collar is draped over my shoulder … your way of claiming me further and making me wait all at the same time.

I feel you taking off my day collar and toss it up to the dresser. I can’t help but close my eyes and melt to your touch. You rub your fingers down my neck and rub my shoulders, you tell me how you feel about me today. Almost a whisper in my ear, I have pleased you. I smile….

Your hands move to my night collar still draped on my shoulder and you start to rub the buckle on my chest, around my neck and shoulders and down my back. Then the feeling is gone, I open my eyes once more, the feeling of loss hits me like a cold wind. And it’s back, the collar now around my neck, your tightening it in its rightful place snug around my neck, your neck! It belongs to you, I belong to you. Once again I’m lost.

You grab my hair with one hand and my arms still crossed behind my back with your other, and bite my neck. Marking your territory, making me want. Just as quickly you’re gone … Ahh

You stand in front of me now, grab my hair again in one hand and tilt my head back to make me look at you, the darkness coming over your eyes, the wanting coming into mine! You stand me up still holding my hair and kiss me hard and deep. Without a word you roughly turn me around and bend me over the bed. Still your hand is in my hair and your other just landed hard  on my ass!051b18ccffbd8e30606f9285b362182991645-wm

You grab my body and open me for your pleasure. Your rough tonight, I need you rough tonight.

“Mine” you growl

I’ll let you take it from there …. ❤  Can’t wait til your home Sir!

What I see …..

It was getting later than you wanted but you didn’t throw in the towel.

The garage was too cold so you set up the heater and brought blankets.

Dinner was already in the oven, so we set the timer.

Went out and tried to play but you felt is was too cold so we came inside. There was no where in the house that the kids wouldn’t notice.

Waited to take the kids out for the evening …. still you plotted. You didn’t get angry or frustrated, you didn’t give up and you didn’t put me off. You didn’t decide it was too much trouble, you didn’t think it wasn’t worth it.

We didn’t have much time and you couldn’t stick to your original plan but you still didn’t throw in the towel! 😀

You came home – only had an hour – you tied me to the chair and you played anyway. It wasn’t as long as what you wanted and not as much access to everything you wanted but you didn’t quit. You gave me what you could with what we had. You took your time, you stayed with me, you didn’t rush …

You ended up being later to leave, you didn’t rush my aftercare, you didn’t make me feel like I was keeping you from something. You told me you had it under control and you waited until I was ready before you fulfilled your other responsibilities.

I am your priority number one! ❤

Such a wonderful life ….


Just another wonderful weekend with the most wonderful person I have ever known. Things might not always go as planned but as long as I’m with you nothing else matters!

You always try so hard to make my life so right ….

I love your laugh, I love to see you smile! I get such a great feeling when you’re silly with me … I know you are happy and I can be part of that!

My life has gotten better everyday that you have been in it – One day I hope to return the favor!

Love you Sir ❤