Symbolic gestures …

I thought I would write out some of the symbolic things We/I do to show you my submission. I believe this are important for us due to the fact that my behaviour towards you is and has been good from the beginning. I also have an extremely dominant personality so I can only imagine the idea of me submitting was quite the shock to you.

My submission had been self-imposed for years before you ever realized what was going on. Never really having another committed relationship quite like ours you really have/had nothing to compare it to. Perhaps we fell into the ‘vanilla’ lifestyle after so many years simply because you didn’t know my desire to please you. I am assuming that you really didn’t have much to change because my decisions were always based on what I thought you wanted anyway.

I feel that for the most part my behaviour really hasn’t changed except for the communicating even more clearly (or perhaps just more honestly) then before. Because you had not yet agreed to be my Dominant I felt guilty about possibly hurting your feelings or adding too much to your ‘plate’. I didn’t want to burden you with all my ‘stuff’ and I didn’t think you really wanted that anyway. I’m glad you have shown me differently! 😀

So the list goes as such:

  • I wear your bracelet 24/7
  • I wear the panties of your choosing Monday to Friday for work and none on weekends or holidays
  • after work you bend me over your knee to reconnect and afterwards place my day collar around my neck while I kneel for you
  • when you are home and whenever possible I kneel/sit at your feet (just sitting around, watching TV etc)
  • I prepare your coffee every evening so that it will be ready for you in the morning
  • at bed time I wait kneeling naked by the bed for you to prepare yourself and you then present me with my night/play collar which I sleep in (What you do with me then is of your choosing :))
  • I always sleep naked, if I need to wear anything I must first get your permission (due to temp.)
  • I always make your dinner and I always ask what you would like for dinner (I don’t make things you don’t like or haven’t given permission to try)
  • I do my exercises every Monday to Thursday for an hour
  • I journal every Monday to Thursday to let you know what is on my mind – how I’m feeling
  • our Friday afternoon ritual in preparation for the weekend 😉
  • our Friday night ritual and I make no plans of my own from Friday to Sunday (I don’t make plans without asking you anyway)
  • I wait at your feet Saturday and Sunday morning if you are up before doing anything – you let me know when I’m allowed to get my coffee and start my day, and make your breakfast
  • we walk hand in hand when we are out and if I would like to see something I must first ask to step away (or you come with me)
  • you open all doors when we are together
  • you order for me at restaurants (I do get to choose what I would like)
  • you decide if and when I can have an alcoholic drink
  • you have final say about everything we do, and where we go (I do make suggestions)
  • you pick which collar I will wear on weekends depending on where we are, some are more obvious than others
  • I dress in a manner that I think you will find pleasing but I will change if you want something different
  • I put funky colours in my hair because I know you want it that way
  • if you call me I drop whatever I’m doing and I go to you, if you are speaking to me you get my full attention (may need to work a little harder on this one lately)
  • you have always signed off on all purchases
  • I bring you my emotional baggage and let you help me deal with it (not symbolic I guess it’s just a requirement now and a weight off my shoulders)
  • and I call you Sir every chance I get, i do not use your given name and you do not use mine
  • all the kinky stuff
  • all the personal grooming in preparation for play, or just because you like it that way

A lot of these behaviours anyway were in place for me since the beginning but now you see them and know why I do them. Some more obvious ones like collars and kneeling have helped to point the others out more clearly I think. And although no one ever wants to really use it, the fact that you have the right to choose a punishment should something be amiss also makes you feel more like you really are in control.

These are the things that I think help you, these are the ones I see and that I can remember at this time. Looking forward to your thoughts Sir!

Love You

Comments welcome! :D

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