He knows I respect him so I’m allowed to take liberties…..

I come and go as I please, I make friends with whomever I chose. I blog about whatever is on my mind. I wear my hair the way I choose and I dress in a fashion that I have picked.

I make my own work hours, make plans with friends when I like.

I wrinkle my nose up when something doesn’t please me and I stick my tongue out when I’m being cheeky! Sometimes I say naughty things to him to put thoughts in his head!

I live my life my way and I speak my mind ….

So how exactly am I submissive and how is he my Dominant?

Because regardless of what I’m doing or who I’m with, how far I have wandered or close we are, my first thought is always to please HIM!

He doesn’t give me rules to follow or chores to accomplish. He’s not always telling me how to act and what to do and he always wants to please me. So how does he lead?

It is his strength and his character that I follow not a bunch of words in a contract. He doesn’t have to say a word …. I will follow him always.

He knows I respect him so I’m allowed to take liberties ….. and each and every one is in the hopes of PLEASING HIM.   🙂



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