I am so glad I talked to you about this submissive vs. slave idea. I honestly didn’t think you would like the idea, or at least the word slave and what it seems to imply to some. I was not sure of myself at all in this revelation to you but I trusted that you could handle what ever it was I needed from you, and you did! 😀

I guess I didn’t even realize how heavy the idea of just not quite fitting in was getting on my mind until you looked at me and smiled and basically said yes, you knew what I meant and you agreed with me completely! It is just one more layer of calm acceptance that washes over me now.

It’s not that I have ever really worried about fitting in exactly, it just was getting hard to comprehend what was going on around me. I just couldn’t quite get my head around what it was that I was missing because I just honestly didn’t see it…. now I know why. It’s not better or worse, it’s just different. A different way of thinking that makes it all so clear.

Best of all – I know I am completely accepted by you! Loved, cherished and understood …. If you told me this 25 years ago I would have said you were high! LOL

3 thoughts on “Thankful,.. you never cease to amaze me Sir!

    1. That’s exactly what it is….I started to feel like there was something I was just not getting. Now I know I just wasn’t meant to, it’s not for me to get. It takes a weight off I never realized I had until it was gone! If that makes any sense at all! LOL

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      1. You know it does. I feel it with a bit of sadness. It served its purpose and got me started and hooked up but it’s not a total fit. If I can keep that perspective I won’t feel so down.


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