Expectant submissive …hummm

Is that kind of like saying Brat?


In my experience having set out huge expectations for your Sir is almost certainly a road to failure. In general these expectations tend to be based on someone else’s stories and experiences. Although they might sound fantastic they just might not fit your Sir!

Your Sir needs to find his on way in this thing we do, he will have his own wants and needs. They may be different then what you imagined but it doesn’t make them any less valid or awesome! Part of being submissive in this instance is allowing your Sir time to figure out what works for him as well as you! Instead of having expectations, try being thankful for the time and effort he has put forth in the first place.

Work on your communication skills so that you may sit down together and list things you would like to try and maybe how you pictured it in your mind. Let your Sir know your wants and fantasies and then trust him to do what is right for BOTH of you at that time. Pushing him into something he is not ready for will only back fire anyway and belittle all the confidence you have worked so hard to build. It will also take away that peaceful and happy feeling you get when you let him lead, his way.

Work on your submission, work on being happy with what you have and not keeping up with the Jone’s. Your Sir will see your effort and feel your thankfulness and be much more likely to oblige your fantasies anyway!

Just my two cents ….. I’m sure I’ll be back on this one! 🙂

8 thoughts on “Expectant submissive …hummm

  1. Absolutely true nijntje! I have been guilty of being the expectant submissive, wife, fiance, girlfriend over the years and Daddy has been patiently nurturing it out of me. After 7 years I think he did a fantastic job at helping me rid myself (for the most part) of this mentality and it’s amazing what I difference it (not being expectant) has made in my enjoyment of my life even though outside myself nothing has changed.


    1. Thank you Kecil. I find it’s amazing how happy you can be with what you DO have when you stop worrying about what you don’t. Enjoy the moment I say, for too soon it will pass and you will wish you had taken the time. Husbands, kids, life … it applies to all.


      1. LOL…there are a few of us Crazy Canuks out there, but not enough that I don’t get a little excited when I find another!!


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