In the Beginning …..

Remember when Sir….

Image result for little boy big shoes

I wanted to talk to you about how you felt you are doing and how you said you were letting yourself and me down.

I understand how you could think that way because of the kinky stuff that we were talking about but in my opinion that is NOT the most important part of this dynamic. From my point of view I see you taking huge steps outside your comfort zone and trying all sorts of new things and new ideas, both kinky and not.
I feel like you are finally telling me what you want, finally standing up for yourself and insisting on more respect then ever before. I’m starting to see and recognize that types of things that make you happy and I can now work on doing those for you. That makes me very happy and very proud to be yours!
I want you to guide me and I want you to take control when I need it and you are doing just that. The kinky stuff is fun and we can certainly work on that but it is not the most important. I love looking up to you and I love snuggling up to you and knowing you are in control and I am safe and free to let go of all the stuff that has worn me down before.
You’re my protector now and I can let go of that rough outer shell and finally be myself. Especially with you. As I told you before I have all the respect for you and love and I wouldn’t change that feeling for any amount of kink Sir.
You’ve really been showing me lately that you are mine just as much as I am yours and that you truly enjoy being here with me. I can’t help but fall at your feet Sir and honestly your lucky I am ever standing when you are in the room!
Love you always, nijntje.

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