What is submission to me?

What is submission to a strong independent person who knows that they can handle whatever life throws at them … that they will pick up, carry on and always succeed, no matter what. What is the point of being a submissive when you know full well that you can do it alone?

Well there in lies the kicker …. alone! Being strong and being powerful and being in control of everything also made me very much alone on my journey of life. Sure I was married, and happily so. We were soul mates, always together and never rude or cruel to each other. We always had each others best interest at heart and we always put each other first …so what changed?

I think the biggest changes are that I have learned to depend on you and I know that you care enough about me to notice where I am and what I am up to.

Depending on you has lifted a great weight off my shoulders. It doesn’t mean that I don’t work just as hard and just as fast, it just means that I don’t carry the burden alone! It means that if I have to take a step back and take a breath I don’t worry about how far back that will put me. I know that you will hold everything steady until I can pick up and move forward again. Sometimes that even means that you will do it for me and I can let go for a while ….

Knowing you care enough to hold me to being my best self means that someone thinks I’m worth watching. Someone thinks I’m THAT good and should be held to that standard, the standard that you see in me. It means you won’t let me be less then my best because you know I am capable and I am worth it.

Submission means I am my best self, I can be proud of myself and I am never alone ……

Love you Sir!

6 thoughts on “What is submission to me?

  1. Sorry reading back, enjoying this new area of ‘blogland’ I have discovered. This is a great read, and so very, very true! Thank you for sharing.


    1. Thank you – I find I keep going back to this same idea and it is just as true as when we started no matter how far along we get. For me, this is the biggest gift/payoff/reason, whatever you wish to view it as.


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