Welcome to my Dark Side!

These are a few of my favourite things:

  • pull my hair, hard – or hold my head down
  • move me around by my hair, or use the leash to pull me about
  • bite me, leave a mark …
  • hold my arms up, or down or behind my back – just hold them tight
  • hold me by my arms and my hair at the same time
  • pinching, biting, scratching – everywhere
  • when you pull my ass cheeks apart, rough …. when you tell me to do it for you
  • when you hold my hair hard and make me suck on you
  • when you tell me no …..
  • tie me up or use the spreader bars …. and tie me from the ceiling
  • being blindfolded and not knowing what’s going to happen next
  • when you give me directions….and then say good girl if I have pleased you
  • when you use your fingers on me and inside me
  • catch me by surprise – bend me over to take your pleasure, whatever that might be – but only take my panties down part way
  • be rough and fast but don’t finish, then get up and walk away ….with a smirk (tease, not rude)
  • send me upstairs abruptly and tell me to get naked and into a position of your choosing – quickly!

Comments welcome! :D

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