Spank me, ….. Please?

I’ve been feeling like I am missing the exchange of power ritual we were using when you came home from work. I know we also discussed making it more of a ‘ritual’ so that it doesn’t just get done in passing and sort of forgot …. I know that we are waiting on the new day collars to come in, in order to start that part of the exchange over again but I was hoping you had given some thought as to what else we could add to the exchange to make it more meaningful still.

I had also mentioned to you a few days ago that I would like some more impact connection with you to help keep my mind focused and quiet. I’m not sure just how it would work out exactly, with noise being a potential issue, but in my mind I guess I pictured being over your knee (or some position of your choosing) and have you warm my bottom before you had me kneel and then put on my day collar.

I’m feeling like even just a handful of smacks would easily put me into the mind I want to be in and I think it may work for you as well. It wouldn’t take more then a couple minutes and it wouldn’t need to be very hard so no need to worry about when you did want an actual play session.  More symbolic, not a going into subspace thing…..

I know crouching down is difficult for you at times so perhaps you could have me kneel on ‘high knees’ in order to accept my day collar.

Please let me know what you think Sir. I guess I just want to feel like yours all the time! 🙂 Love you Always

5 thoughts on “Spank me, ….. Please?

    1. Remembering to ask for what I need can be tough while trying to reconcile that idea with following His lead and not topping, but there really is no other way is there? I know He can’t read my mind so how else can He get the information He needs to make an informed decision? I often have to remind myself of this … 😀


      1. absolutely… it is so hard this one … for He truly does know what is best but .. there are moments …

        it’s also finding the right way to ask … a way that is not nagging or demanding or bratty … none of which I am

        … but a way of explaining why this is so needed …

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      2. i get that 100% – we discussed the way in which He wanted me to address it, a respectful offering of information in our case – that is available for when He chooses to read it, hence the blog

        Sir knows it’s me expressing a need and He then decides if it’s valid and what He wants to do about it , we do talk as well not just blogging, but it gives Him a heads up of what and why so He is prepared for the conversation and it seems to take all the wrong feels out of it

        it also means that if He is not in the right mindset to deal with it (tired from work for example) He simply tells me it will wait til tomorrow – I feel heard and He feels respected, for us it works 😀


      3. and again … absolutely… that is also why I began and write mine. there are things He needs to know but sometimes conversations are not needed and in fact get in the way … this way, He knows how I feel and then – as always I am in His hands.

        and yes, it works for us too .

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