Enjoying the torment!

This business of D/s is certainly a double edged sword, at least for me! I love being close to you, being so in love that I just can’t get enough of you. It truly is a fantastic state to be in …. however, the other side of the coin is that I really don’t like being away from you! 😦

We’ve always spent most of our time together and pretty much all our free time together, but then there is the work days, and other necessities that must be dealt with. When we were first together I always hated those times apart, after a while (a long while) I was able to rationalize it, kind of push you to the back of my mind until your return. I always got butterflies when I knew you were close to home but at least the ache was more manageable while you were away.

Well I think the ache is back! The stronger you get as my Sir the more I NEED you near me. I can’t stop thinking about you with every free moment and I keep texting you silly things just to keep the connection between us closer …. My heart aches every moment we’re apart.

Please don’t take it the wrong way, I like my ache! Don’t try to fix it, don’t try to stop it … I like loving you so much my heart hurts when you are not here! Allowing you to put me in chains has allowed me the freedom to feel! I am alive, I like my life, and I wouldn’t change one thing…..as long as it’s my life with you!

Comments welcome! :D

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